After every shooting, Democrats team up with billionaire-funded anti-gun lobbyists like the Brady Campaign and astro-turf groups like “Moms Demand Action” to push for more restrictive gun laws. But the anti-gun lobbyists seem to be on a losing streak lately – in addition to losing two historic Supreme Court Cases in District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago, they’re getting clobbered by grassroots organizations like Campaign for Liberty and the National Association for Gun Rights, which successfully blocked every piece of anti-gun legislation in Congress.

my carry permit nagrSo with the anti-gun lobbyists on the run, Campaign for Liberty and the National Association for Gun Rights have gone on the offensive – they’re successfully fighting to reduce onerous gun control laws on the state level.

Their signature piece of legislation is constitutional carry, also known as unrestricted carry, which legalizes concealed carrying of a firearm without any government permit. Recently Arkansas, Kansas, and Maine, all passed constitutional carry, joining four other states with similar laws on the books.

Of course, the anti-gun lobbyists and their astro-turf operatives are freaking out, trying to scare voters into forcing a repeal of these laws. They trot out the usual lies: that more guns means more violence, more crime, more murder. But the latest available data on violent crime and homicide tells a different story – it shows that constitutional carry states all had below-average violent crime and homicide rates:

State 2012 Violent Crime Rate 2012 Homicide Rate 2013 Violent Crime Rate 2013 Homicide Rate
Alaska 604.1 4.1 602.6 4.6
Arizona 428.6 5.5 405.8 5.4
Vermont 142.3 1.3 114.9 1.6
Wyoming 201.3 2.4 197.7 2.9
Constitutional Carry Average 344.1 3.3 330.3 3.6
National Total 387.8 4.7 367.9 4.5